Of beer and treasure hunting

Okay. I know I said I was going to do some studying today, but the getting out of bed earlier didn’t go so well. I appear to have become semi-nocturnal. This does not bode well for Tuesday…

So we gave Charlie a poke, and he came over with Pepper and Freebie (the lurcherdogs). A bacon sandwich and cup of tea later, we found ourselves yomping up the Fosse Way to the canal, where, we had been assured by the internet, there would be treasure.

Our camera bag was filled with chocolate money and candy canes, to sustain us on the long and arduous journey ahead. Three fleeces were donned, and gloves left behind (something I would regret later because it was actually bloody cold).

The Fosse is a little alarming when you’re walking along it with two mentalist dogs. You tend to get blown about and spun around by large, fast moving traffic. And it’s a bit bogging.

Our first geocache, then, was called Fosse-icking around, and was to be found on or near the Fosse Lock on the canal. And find it we did! The dogs were rubbish, though. Noses for treasure, they do not have. The cache was in a squirrel. In some bushes. We were the first to find it this year. Huzzah!

We took photos, and Joe and Charlie mocked me for being excited. Which I think is a little mean, but there you have it. It was a mini adventure; and a mini cache. There was no cash in it. So I left a couple of chocolate coins.

A decision was taken to walk along the towpath to Radford Semele, and partake of a pint of finest ale when we arrived at the White Lion. We mooched. We chatted. I did not, at any time or at all, nearly fall into the canal testing the ice. No siree.

Cache the second was searched for for a looooong time at a lock which did not, apparently, contain a cache. We looked into holes. We clambered around on piles of bricks. We slid around on the lock gates. We peered, we shone, we got mucky – to no avail. So on we went, intrepid treasure hunters, to the next lock.

The next lock was, in fact, the one that contained the treasure we thought was at the last one. I found it, attached to a stick with an alligator tied to it. In it was all manner of exciting items, including a rubber ducky with a Travel Bug tag. You’re supposed to take them from one cache and leave them in another. So take it we did. And I left a mussel shell that I found in the bottom of the camera case. As you do. A picture of the treasure is below:


Feeling jubilant, and a little smug, we put everything back and wandered off towards Radford. Where we sat outside the pub, shivered, and drank a rather nice pint of Exmoor Gold. Which tasted remarkably like Old Hooky – which is certainly not a bad thing.

The final geocache on our list was called Bath Time – which Joe and I pass every time we walk to the pub. It’s in the middle of nowhere in the farmer’s fields. Easy-peasy, and I left the rubber ducky there.

It was a grey and miserable day, but I at least had fun. Two grumpy old men pretended not to have fun, but I reckon they enjoyed themselves too. We’re going to Barford next week. It’ll be terribly exciting. I might place a dragon in one of the boxes. Or some more chocolate money. Possibly even a mushroom.

It’s a bit geeky, but then so am I, so it’s all good.

TTFN, dear readers. This was powered by “What I did on my holidays” and candy canes.


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