Treasure hunting in Wellesbourne

Treasure hunting in Wellesbourne is best begun in the Airfield Café with a humungous fry-up and several pints of tea. It’s great in there – a large breakfast is a fiver, and a small one is four of your finest English pounds. All the tableclothes are air maps under glass, so if you love maps, it’s just about perfect.

Biblical rain had been forecast, but undeterred we set out. Full of breakfast we were, and the dogs were going mental with excitement. Charlie’s pick-up took us to Charlecote Park, where we discovered that although parking is free, walking through the park was not. So he parked in the garden centre next door while I manfully controlled the dogs and searched for the first treasure.

The rain held off (for most of the day, brilliantly!) and we yomped off along the riverside, finding our first three caches fairly easily. Buoyed up with satisfaction and a hint of smug, we swaggered up to the next cache, which was somewhere around the bridge under the A429, and utterly failed to find the treasure. I have a feeling, now, that we were looking on the wrong side of the river. This is annoying.

On we went, we three intrepid treasure hunters. I despatched Freddy the Frog (a Travel Bug) in to one of the caches, and picked up another – a keyword TB which is seeking only to land in caches with the word “end” somewhere in the title. Some of the hiding places are great: in hollow trees, hidden in tree trunks or under rocks, secreted into a chicken wire fence – in plain view if you’re looking for it; invisible if you’re not.

The final cache of the day, Theresa Green (yes, really…) held a fabulous prize: Owen the Travelling Hedgehog. His mission is – wait for it – to visit Scotland! So he is going through Scotland and on to the Shetland Islands. I’m delighted – and I’m going to try and purchase a TB to start in Shetland, and make its way as far south as is possible.

The total miles walked were as follows:

Men: 5.5miles

Me: 6miles

Dogs: 24,459miles

We were powered by: breakfast, tea, Charlie’s home-made flapjack, our home-made lemon biscuits.

Wellesbourne and the surrounding areas are very pretty indeed; the river was quite high, and flowing pretty quickly, but in summer I bet it’s delightful.

My legs are a little achey. But that was such a fun day – and everything is so miserable at the moment, weather and money-wise, that it’s really great to be able to have loads of fun and spend the grand total of a fiver each.

I didn’t bake ginger biscuits though. Fail.


We are off to Shetland on Friday morning, for the Up Helly Aa Viking Fire Festival – and we’re really really looking forward to it. This has been in the pipelines for a couple of years now. Tonight and tomorrow night will be spent planning and plotting, to make sure we see all sorts of fascinating stuff right up north.


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