A shameless plug for shameless people

Okay. That headline is not entirely fair. Although – make no mistake about it – Muz and Andy are in fact shameless. This is more about me wanting a frickin’ HUGE pile of free stuff.

GearWeAre.com is a gear review site. But not just any gear review site, oh no. It’s a gear review site that gives you all the information you need – and makes you laugh so much you wish you actually had listened to them and bought that damn she-wee. Or possibly a nappy.

Even if Andy and Muz weren’t my friends, I would still like their site. I covet almost everything on it (except the poo-in-a-box, naturally). I have bought dinky little salt/pepper/chili grinders based upon their knowledge (and the fact that they are small, and I like small things).

Their ability to nab free stuff to test has saved the day on many an occasion (okay, once). Joe’s bike developed a gargantuan puncture after he displeased the rain gods by entering Wales on two wheels during a sunny spell, and their ickle-bitty puncture repair kit got us to a garage. It was scary, actually, because the mini compressed air cylinder pumped up the tyre so quickly, the bike nearly fell over. Also, we had to talk to Welsh people.*

Anyway, I digress. Please read this carefully, then tell all your friends, and family, and accost strangers in the street to tell them too. I’m sending this link to David Cameron and Barak Obama – they’ve been playing ping pong and barbecuing today, they’re clearly the outdoorsy types and won’t be able to live without GearWeAre.

So, GearWeAre. I love you dearly, with ALL my heart. Please send me an enormous pile of Free Stuff. Here’s a picture of some great tits to sweeten the deal:

Hmm. I have just read that back, and it appears that I am the one without shame. Ah well. I’ll have to find a way to live with myself. In the meantime, I’ll direct you all to visit GearWeAre. Even if you don’t like camping, being outside, or having fun. It’ll make you laugh, possibly wee a little bit, and may even encourage you off your sofa and into the big wide world. Just watch out for the badgers, eh?

*I actually love Wales and all Welsh people, I just put that in for comedy effect. Sorry.


2 responses to “A shameless plug for shameless people

  1. You’re completely barking. Love it. 🙂

  2. You’re mad. The Shit Box review will arrive on Friday. It’s worth the wait :o)

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