Looking for me…?

I had a serious blog post all planned, on the outbreaks of measles down in Brighton and Hove. I will return to this, as it’s a topic that makes me absolutely crazy.

However, I’ve had such a pleasant day (cleaning windows, tidying, gardening and making chutney, all to the backdrop of 6Music playing stupendous tunes) that I’ve decided upon a more whimsical topic.

Every now and then, I take a trawl through the search terms that bring strangers to my blog; some of them are obviously looking for topics I’ve written about – but others have managed to arrive at my site via an esoteric, some may say bizarre, searches. So I’ll list a few here:

1.  Quantum cat

Well. I did write a short piece about Schrodinger’s cat and within this post was the obligatory photo of a cat in a box. A lolcat, to be precise, telling the viewer that there had been a quantum cat fail.

2.  Bravery will save the world

Will it? How cool! I think that, at the very least, it’s a bloody good start. I’m not sure how you got here, brave searcher, but I think you’re right. Bravery will save the world, and I shall start next summer. With wasps.

3.  Lawrence Krauss a quark

No he isn’t. HTH.

4.  open university s216 preparation

Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. I am sorry I couldn’t be more forthcoming. Apparently S104 is a great preparation, so certainly do that. Perhaps a bit of pre-course reading? I’ve managed to get hold of the PDFs of the books, so I shall be getting a head start.

5.  Sainsbury’s basics tomato soup

I suspect that you weren’t visiting me in search of soup with mould growing on it, and for that I am sorry. I can tell you, however, that Sainsbury’s Basics tomato soup is an excellent medium for cultivating a population of mould. It also tells a thousand stories about the state of your kitchen…

6.  why is tomato soup a good medium for fungal growth

I’m not sure, to be honest. But it is. I suspect it’s because it’s soupy and organic, and fungus has tame taste in soup.

7.  there are no mistakes in the universe……..I’m not surprised that we connected at the same time!

Okaaaaay… I hope you found what you were looking for. And to refute your original assertion, that there are no mistakes in the Universe, I present exhibit A: Simon Cowell.

8.  Tits

It’s not that kind of a blog, I’m afraid. I do have a rather nice collection of blue tits, great tits and coal tits in my back garden, along with a resident robin and a greater spotted woodpecker. We have a wren too. But I suspect that’s not quite what you were after…

9.  what is nadp.2h

Ah. This I can help with. NADP.2H is one of the products of the light reactions of photosynthesis (together with ATP – adenosine triphosphate). It’s used in the dark reactions of photosynthesis to reduce carbon dioxide to glucose. In a nutshell.

10. marshmallows moon mole

Um. If you were looking for my mole analogy, you probably came to the right place. However, I’d like to think you were looking for a species of mole that lives on the Moon and subsists on marshmallows. Which, as eny fule kno’, grow freely up there.

11. tits are great

Yes, they are!

12. fear of moles

Lol. They’re not scary. They’re cute little furry creatures, and they can’t even see, poor little mites.

13. biohazard duck

Nope. Sorry. I’ve no idea.

14. Foghorn sheepdog

Again, I will have to demur on this question. I’ve no idea why you would search for this, or arrive at my blog. But you are most welcome.

15. clearly, some people are so damn shameless…!!! it makes me laugh…!!!

They are! But there are so many. To whom were you referring? And your excessive use of exclamation marks alarms me; are you familiar with the cuckoo’s nest?

There were a lot of people looking for geeky maths t-shirts, which I approve of. I would like a geeky maths t-shirt.

There also seemed to be a lot of people looking for the answers to S104 assessment questions. Naughty people. You’ll get much more out of the course if you work it out for yourselves.

Thanks for listening dear readers. Please stop by for more entertaining search terms in a few months!


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