Frozen Planet and an associated short rant

So. The Daily Mirror has chosen to hit back at the BBC – which commented less than favourably on the print media with regards to the Leveson Inquiry – by having a pop at Frozen Planet.

How, you may ask, can anyone find fault with Frozen Planet? It’s a stunning piece of small-screen cinema, beautifully shot, showcasing our beautiful planet at its very best.

Well, apparently not all the polar bear footage was shot in the wild. It transpires that the shots of the polar bear mother with her cubs, in their den, were shot at a zoo. This is clearly documented on the website, but various people in the gutter press and their shambling drones are calling foul and accusing David Attenborough of being a fake.

Now, we’ll start with the fact that any cameraman venturing into a polar bear den in the wild is going to get his face eaten, followed by his camera, followed by the rest of him.

And go on to the fact that some people just have to bring things down. They can’t let a thing of beauty be a thing of beauty.

It’s a bit like people who believe in fairies, or homoeopathy, or crystals and spiritual nonsense. Who think that atheists are less filled with wonder than those with religion. This planet – this Universe – is filled with wonder, and the more you learn about how it all works, the more wondrous it seems.

Just let a beautiful piece of television be that: beautiful. And if you want wonder, go out on a dark night, lie on your back, and look up. What more do you need to be staggered by nature?


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