The endless search for things and stuff

Just a quickie. I’ve just had a mooch through the search terms that have brought people to my blog this week, and feel the need to share. And wonder. And boggle.

  1. “night terror”. Several searches for this. Nutters.
  2. “moles on tits”. That’s quite a specific fetish you’ve got there.
  3. “20s existential crisis”. You’re too young. MTFU, stop navel gazing, and get on with living.
  4. “balloon explosion”. Hehe. That was fun.
  5. “teleporting Brian Cox”. As long as you’re teleporting him into my pants, that’s fine.
  6. “open uni chocolate and sausages maths problem”. Awesome.
  7. “make sex with quark star trek”. My first reaction was: For the love of all that is good and holy – why? Then, I realised, more charitably, that there is someone out there for everyone.
  8. “would the dark reaction of photosynthesis happen if the light reaction didn’t?” No, because the products of the light reactions are used in the dark reactions. I think.
  9. “how much drink do you bring into the hall at up helly aa”. Answer: all of it.

That was a nice distraction. Back to the Teign Valley and a pile of chocolate coins for me.


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