Cheese Interlude the First

I love Facebook. I have wholeheartedly embraced social media, and this is one of the reasons why. My husband is in Sweden, and I am planning a Valentine’s Day cheesefest with two of my buddies. The following, taken from G’s Facebook page, and posted by me, is inspired by that. I love my FB buddies.

I’ve got the biggest piece of brie I’ve ever seen for tomorrow night. It ambushed me, and I was powerless to defend myself. My hands were full of other cheeses at the time, and they proved ineffective as defensive weaponry. It did, however, help me to kidnap wine and make good my escape. True story.

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AJ and GB like this.

JD Set the Stilton on it.

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JD Or the Danish Blue, and I don’t mean GB’s movie collection….

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VQF They are fighting it out in the kitchen. There’s mould everywhere. It’s not looking good for the stilton…

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JD Send in the Edam. “Ph, please don’t hit me, I’m so wishy-washy…”

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GB I also have brie, you can never have too much Brie, this is a true fact, might need to pick it up on the way back to yours else it might go bad. But also, since I’m unlikely to do the same run as you folks, I might go home have a shower and collect the cheese x

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VQF Oh god. Seriously, the brie is bigger than my entire head. The cheddar has joined in now. It’s like curdrophenia.

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JD No, it can’t be? Here comes the Camembert!

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VQF Camembert has a fringe. Nobody takes it seriously.

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JD What’s that rolling down the hill – it’s Double Gloucester!

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VQF Followed closely by Stinking Bishop. The baby-eating bishop of Bath & Wells of the cheese world. Woe! Nothing is safe!

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GB You realise I am actually imagining you acting this all out in your kitchen, wearing a military helmet and barking orders 🙂 x

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VQF I am. What of it? 🙂 x

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JD Oh, I had Stinking Bishop for the first time last summer, and I was transported to another world of fluffy Cheshire clouds, with rocks made of Babybel and rivers of Dairylea and people composed entirely of Red Leicester. Mmm, cheese, Gromit!

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3 responses to “Cheese Interlude the First

  1. Micheal Bentines Potty Time lives on.

  2. *sends in the Leerdammer, to the tune of “Dambusters”*

  3. I had to Google that, Collett. I was one year old at the end of the series run. I may, however, develop a new obsession with it via the medium of YouTube…

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