In praise of creative writing and a sound business plan

I’ve a plan. Well, I’ve two plans, in fact.

Plan The First

My lovely friend Gareth draws me pictures using MS Paint. This is in return for pictures I draw him on coloured post-it notes. I leave them in various places around his desk. So he emails me electronic funs, and I love them greatly.

I’m constructing, in my head, a story. A graphic novel in blog form, if you will. It will be grand, and wonderful, and not at all full of delusions. It will buckle; it will swash; it will be happy and sad, and full of derring-do. The story will be serialised, and will be illustrated marvellously using the lovely images created by  The Lovely Gareth.

Stay tuned, folks. You won’t want to miss this.

Plan The Second

I pole dance. I love it. I mean, I REALLY love it. It’s not just for skanks and hos, you know. It’s aerial dance; vertical gymnastics; a showcase of strength and grace – and I’m helping to improve its reputation among the prudes and purse-lipped curtain-twitchers of the world.

Take a look at my progress on my YouTube channel. There are lolz as well as pride in my growing ability.

Come Autumn, I’m taking my pole dancing teacher qualifications. Then I’m going to set up a dance school of my very own. I’m extraordinarily excited by this, at a time when I desperately need things to be extraordinarily excited by. So stand by. And if anyone local to Leamington Spa is interested in learning – women and men – drop me a line. I’d love to meet you.


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