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Unexpected Developments Scupper New Year’s Resolutions

On January 1, 2011, I wrote this post. So, as promised, I’m revisiting it. I was on a false high, and in complete denial about just how bloody miserable I was. I was also convinced that I would have achieved everything on my list. Well, that didn’t happen – but for once I’m not full of woe and self-recriminations.

This year has been a hell of a ride. I left The Worst Job in the World™ and, instead of wallowing, I slapped myself around a little then stood up. I held my head high, took a deep breath, set my shoulders back and my chin in the air, and Changed My Life.

With a little help from my friends, and a LOT of love, support and encouragement from my husband, my family and my splendid friends, I started my own business. Sunflower Communications was born in April 2012, and has been so successful so far that I can’t quite believe it.

Then, I became part-owner of Wylie’s, The Ironmongers with the fabulous Charlie Collett. Which was unexpected but brilliant. I’ve always wanted a shop. Next  year will be super busy…

2012 has been the hardest, in places worst, but generally best and most rewarding and satisfying year of my life. So I will forgive myself for not achieving everything on last year’s list:

  • Try something new at least once a week.
Me and my girls at our first burlesque show

My burlesque début!

Not quite once a week, but I have tried something new very often indeed. And each time, it’s enriched my life, even if I didn’t like it. Plus, this little resolution gave me burlesque, and a group of fan-bloody-tastic, strong, clever, funny, kind ladies who I love very much.

  • Buy more music.

This, I achieved. Florence and the Machine, Nina Simone, Imelda May, Propeller Heads, dubstep, Scroobius Pip…

  • Spend more time with my family.

This, too, I achieved. But it’s on this year’s list too.

  • Go to more gigs.

Although I did probably go to more gigs than I did in 2011, I would like to see more live music.

  • Improve my wardrobe: instead of purchasing several cheap items of clothing from random high street shops, spend a similar amount of money on one item that is beautiful, well-made, and will last.

I achieved this – and made my own clothes too! Long may this continue.

  • Motorcycle road trip around Europe with some good friends.

This was quite good fun 🙂

  • Become a bloody brilliant pole dancer.

Well, I don’t know about bloody brilliant, but I’ve certainly improved enormously. Which pleases me enormously.

  • Go clubbing several times.

I did this. It was okay.

  • Cultivate an aura of calm togetherness.

I don’t think that this is ever going to happen!

  • Embrace the fact that I am now a corporate whore.

I’m not! I’m not! I am a small business owner, and I am HAPPY.

  • Run at least one half-marathon.

Oops… This year though, for sure.

  • Be a better, kinder, funnier person.

I hope I have achieved this last one. I’ve worked hard.

Resolutions for 2013

This year, I am being a little more realistic. I’ve made a few resolutions over at my Sunflower blog, but they’re mostly business related. Here are my personal resolutions.

  1. Get away for a week with Joe. Just the two of us.
  2. Spend more time with our families, especially my lovely brother, his fabulous fiancée and my little niece Ella.
  3. Run more. I’ve joined Park Run, and I want to do a half-marathon next year, and perhaps a full marathon the year after. Perhaps.
  4. Read more books.
  5. Pay off the credit card.
  6. Spend more time camping and walking and bicycling and picnicking with good friends.
  7. More improvements in yoga and pole.
  8. Make more time for studying.
  9. Continue enjoying burlesque!
  10. Write more. Blog more. Rediscover my love for writing about science.

Happy new year

Happy new year readers. I wish you all the very best for 2013; and if life throws terrible things at you, I wish you the strength and courage to emerge from them stronger, with grace, and with your heads held high.

Big love. Peace out.